“How does he work?” might be a less than exciting question, but it is a necessary one. 

My answer? I thrive on photographing fine cuisine. This isn’t just a job to me and it’s not just what I do.  

My photography is both creation and passion. I have an 18-year background as a graphic designer, art director and creative director and my photos do not have anyone else's fingerprints on them. 

Clients send me on assignments internationally to capture award-winning client gaining imagery for them. I shoot every shot inspired to create something different, something unique. While I can work within most budgetary needs, I do not set out to work with cash in mind.  

My monetary compensation is the reward for hard work and talented creation, from concept to delivered imagery, along with the best service I can provide. Each opportunity is a chance to create greatness. That is my true reward.  

I enjoy ooohs and aaahs. My customer’s jaws hurt from smiling. My rates are market fair and it’s always been a return for all concerned. I don't mind delivering final shots faster than 99% of the rest. 

Thank you for taking the time to review my online portfolio. The next step is you calling me about my calling.  

You may reach me direct on my cell phone any time @ 561.762.5313 


Some of my stock food imagery can be located online at: 




American Society of Media Photographers 


"It is a real pleasure to work with Dana, a true professional who shows a clear understanding of our needs. His dedication has allowed us to meet our tight deadlines by delivering the highest quality imagery that our brands demand. No additional comments needed on the beauty and depth of his work as the pictures speak for themselves!!!" 

Aurelie Platt, Marketing Manager Lancome, 

L'oreal Produits de Deluxe 

L'Oreal USA